Investing in the enhancement of your HVAC system may entail a substantial financial commitment, constituting one of the most significant expenses for homeowners. Consequently, it is natural to question the true value of such an endeavor. However, it is important to recognize that acquiring a new air conditioning unit can yield advantageous outcomes for both your personal comfort and financial well-being, particularly in the arid climate of Phoenix.

Better Climate Control

Previous air conditioning systems were equipped with only two settings: on and off. When the temperature reached an excessive level, the system would activate and operate at maximum capacity until the temperature decreased, subsequently shutting down. Consequently, this resulted in fluctuating temperatures within your household throughout the day. In contrast, contemporary air conditioning units are equipped with variable speed fans that provide accurate cooling. As a result, these units consistently maintain your desired temperature within your home.


Minimize Expense

If your air conditioner is over a decade old, it is highly likely that its operational efficiency is compromised. Present-day air conditioning units consume only half the energy compared to their predecessors while delivering an equivalent amount of cold air. Given that cooling your residence constitutes a significant portion of your power consumption during the summer season, opting for an upgrade could potentially result in annual savings of several hundred dollars in electricity expenses.


Systems that operate with reduced noise levels.

Old air conditioning units are frequently characterized by their substantial size and noisy operation. Conversely, contemporary models exhibit a streamlined appearance and emit significantly reduced levels of noise.


Extended Warranties

Numerous units have extended warranties for their systems.

In the event that your system is outdated, it is possible that it no longer benefits from a warranty. Consequently, should it malfunction, the entire expense of repairing it would be solely your responsibility. On the other hand, a new HVAC system often includes an extended warranty, which provides several years of coverage for servicing or repairs. This invaluable feature ensures that you will not be burdened with substantial, unforeseen costs related to air conditioning. Should you find yourself in need of upgrading your HVAC system, we highly recommend reaching out to E R Heating & Air Conditioning. Our company offers a wide range of state-of-the-art systems that not only save you money but also guarantee your utmost comfort.


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